The Simpson Papers

The Simpson Papers, 

In November, of 2014, while investigating numerous cyphers and codes, Amateur Codebreaker and Forensic Archaeologist James William Simpson, of Eldorado Enterprises Inc., from Princeton, NJ, deciphered sequences in numbering systems hidden in the Beale Papers that correlate to the measurements of distances and degrees of inclination from a starting point, to locate the two troves they buried. Finding direct relation to a converging point in the west, the starting point they charted their journey from to VA, Simpson tracked the location to a well known area of Arizona, in the Superstition Mountains.

There in the mountains of AZ were found a series of stones, the so-called ‘Peralta Stones’, that had been carved into a series of maps featuring a code scribed into the bottom of one of the stones, 2 = 3 – (mine symbol) – 18 = 7, a code that had eluded searchers for years. These numbers were found by Simpson to be the exact times that the Beale Paper’s men went on a 2 year contract, in a ‘perilous enterprise’, leaving for the mine in the 3rd month of March, arriving at the mine to dig for 18 months, returning one trove to VA, then returning to mine for another 7 months to return a second trove to VA, to return to be massacred in the valley, now named for the bodies found there.

On these stones were statements in poorly translated Spanish that also said ‘Esto Bereda Es Muy Peligrosa’ (with correlating statements in the Beale Papers showing they were engaged in a Perilous Enterprise), and ‘Busca Por El Mapa’ (Look For The Map), and also ‘Busca Por El Corazon’ (Look for the Heart). Simpson discovered these carvings were made from different stones, and were clearly meant to be interpreted as a Pictograph that contained encrypted information that correlated to different areas across the country, as there were variances added to the Map Stones that matched in AZ, yet the heart stone descriptions did not match. It matched elsewhere, at the end of a 4 mile trail. The Heart Stone also featured a word etched into the rock, Moneta, which is a town south of Bedford, VA where the trove is said to be buried.

As the rest of the information at hand was given due value, the other codes on the stones and the images scribed became more apparent, including a western brand that read 8 BAR n BAR P, or 8 – n – P, which was found to be a code to signify a particular western cattle rancher’s brand. When formed into the metallic branding iron shape, this coded brand formed an image that appeared to look like the letters TJB, similar to the initials of Thomas Jefferson Beale, but it was taken from a family name brand from the area near the mines in AZ.

Seeing the direct coded markings etched into these stones as derived from statements in the Beale Papers, and interpreting the stones as a map to the mine areas in AZ and the locations to ‘Walk The Line’ in VA as well, Simpson easily located the entire series of 18 mines in the Superstitions in 35 minutes, and the Vault that held the hidden troves they had robbed, buried in VA sometime after, on November 14th, while charting the direct course to the two locations in VA using codes in the Beale Papers, listed as mileage and degrees of inclination in the form of dates of burial, scribed into the stones as three dots. A starting point, and the final points are marked on the Map Stones to show the lines stretching across the map at approximate distances from beginning point in the west.

Once the individual arrived at the location in VA, the Map Stones were then followed from the church in Bedford, VA, a little over 3 miles, to the area of the Omega and the Heart. There the Latin Heart Stone is used to locate the two troves from the different terrain found described in Latin, and from the inscriptions (I) for the first grouping of stashes, and ((I)) for the second grouping of stashes. Note the unique marks on the stone has two different sets of carved symbols and roman numerals, and individual counts for a number of 31 personal caches in each of the two areas in roman numerals, denoting weights in pounds of gold and silver for the 30 men and the 31st share, granted to the finder.

As the trail of mounting evidence was followed through the entire series of clues of the numerous carved mapping stones, and while using the Beale Codes as a guide to describe the actual affairs going on in both of these 150+ year old mysteries, these markers became more obvious to Simpson, matching a trail of stones that were laid by thieves, who were making their getaway from the area with a coded tale to follow, after murdering their own labor, leaving the stones in scattered areas along a trail, yet planting others in key locations, to seem like they were attacked by Apaches.

The other problem was they were crafted from a fairly modern era of tool making, from after the Apache made peace and surrendered, and one stone, the Horse Stone, was crafted from a type of White Granite that was only known to be found in VA. After reviewing the names in the Beale and their history, and noticing that all of the directions and charts were scaled and coded in a very cunning way, to leave hints for the simple minded to understand, and to confuse the intelligent, Simpson was able to pick up on their intended trail of deception, from the conflicts in the Stones’ codes and other similarities, as they were planting information along the way to hide their identities behind a historical, and a faulted timeline of events using outdated storylines as a lure and cover.

The Stones were apparently deemed a fraud by numerous other researchers, but they could not find any reasoning to be associated with Reavis, but merely commented on the manner in which they were machined being from a later time, as well as the shotty translations being somewhat obvious as being from a person who was not ethnically Latin or Hispanic. As one finds in the Beale this same fraudulent seeming tale of two histories in the conflicting terminology, as in the Map Stones, these overly obvious statements concerning a “Hunting Party” in a “Perilous Enterprise” are examples of the attempt to create cover stories for a Covert Operation, whereas at times statements were clearly integrated into the Beale Papers in certain places to make the common man who wrote them seem more affluent, and from an older era, yet at other times the historical facade would fall to the fact that certain words are from the late 1800’s, not the early times listed of 1819 and 1821.

Using types of records and information that were easily referenced by clerks in their offices and other locations around the country at the time in record books such as land claims and other mineral claims, we see the telltale clerk’s marks on the Heart Stone and in the Beale Papers are the same, (I) and ((I)), proving that a trained mapping and surveying agent, with military coding abilities had arranged the hidden Persher Coding in the Beale Papers, and the mapping of geographic clues from a very precise survey map was used to encrypt the locations into the Stones . The creator of this tale, made it all to seem as if from a certain Spaniard’s team of miners, and the fact that Reavis moved to the valley and purchased the actual property and ruin of the older Spanish Mining family there owned by the Peralta family, is evidence that he was the person able to rediscover the mines, and craft the entire tale to cover his tracks.

Drafted to seem as if it was from an earlier time, the Beale Papers, codes, and subsequent letters and keys were planted in VA to tell the miner’s family about their deaths, and the nature of their ‘Perilous Enterprise’, ten years after they were killed off. The Peralta Stones featured the letters DON on the rear of one of the stones, and were made to seem as if the men found slaughtered were all working for the Spanish Mining mogul, the famed Don Miguel de Peralta from a much earlier time, but showing conflicting dates, as the DON marking would signify a time from around the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, but when examine the dates there on the stones, we see 1847 etched into the Witch Stone. This is the date the official “Manifest Destiny” began at the hands of the US Government, under direction of John C. Calhoun and Andrew Jackson, signifying their involvement in creating the 8 Slave State Confederacy and creating the Indian Removal Acts.

As you look through the stones, you see etched in small faint letters, the words Sonora, Mexico. These are very different from the other inscriptions, and another faint etching shows the word Miguel. One is etched with the cattle brand, 8-n-P, and the other is marked with the Omega and Heart with an arrow protruding through the northwest corner of the Heart. These are scattered about the different stones and were not made by the fabled Spanish Mining Family, but were actually made by the miners from the Beale Papers’ Expedition to give additional info about their shares in VA, and to appear as if these were from another area, possibly in Mexico, as a diversive tactic to throw off gold prospectors if they found them. Santa Fe was also speculated to be the area that these mines were located in and throughout, but the Horse Stone that features the lettering, Cobollo De Santa Fe, actually shows their journey mapped due west from Santa Fe to the areas in the Superstitions, and the final location of the 3 mines in AZ in relation to the large scale map of the area, taken from the Military Map of the times, showing New Mexico and Arizona together.

To convince the finders of the bodies that they were Spanish, and so nobody would locate the areas of their caches or mines, they waited until they were a few miles from the mines and their camps, and the Stones were planted away from the bodies, but in two different places. It shows their deaths were pre-arranged to appear as if they were from the mining company of Don Miguel de Peralta. They were killed as they were leaving the valley on their 3rd trip back, having found scattered gold nuggets and ore surrounding their bodies, and having made two deposits already, they were killed and the stones were buried to make it seem like they were fleeing the Apache.

The ringleader of this Arizona Land Grab, James Reavis, used the native Apache Tribes as a scapegoat for the murder of their 30 men while in AZ, having also attempted to lay claim to the title to the land charter that was once owned by New Spain. In a failed effort to continue the affairs of Manifest Destiny in the west, during the times after John C. Calhoun and Andrew Jackson, Reavis was employed as a part of a major banking cabal’s interests, and they were involved in the funding of the original business plot in the US.

Their objectives were to extract as much gold and silver from these mines to fuel their banking majority in NYC to take control over the affairs of the US secretly. This was the pivotal point of the turn of the century that led these banking cabals to be able to acquire massive backing in bullion for their affairs in the beginning of the 20th Century, and led to events like the Great Depression, from the staged rumors spread through the press in the same manner that the Gold Rush was staged, from the same groups.

As the KGC’s roots were founded in a secret military order just outside of DC in the foothills of Bedford, VA, and were laid there in a Confederate Union in ceremonies surrounding burning effigies of crosses mocking the death of the Knights Templars of France, numerous affairs were discussed to initiate the takeover of the Union. Using pseudo-religious occult ceremonies while forming military orders and hierarchies, members of the KGC took archaeological stone carvings found in Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia, and crafted huge areas of landscaped terrain to show the picture in a full display of their grounds that were used to initiate this order.

Originally these Bedford Basin, NS stone markings were thought to be the works of early explorers from the original Templars, having been found in the early to mid-1800’s. The KGC was trying to decorate themselves with these legends, and crafted a faux Charing Cross ceremonial ground, as other sects were rallied surrounding a series of acclaimed new ‘biblical discoveries’, to convince their followers they were God’s Chosen People, following a trail of golden ‘speaking stones’ out west, in a religious order that was being guided to “Christianize” the natives, and take over the entire US, using religion as a guise. This was only one branch of this operation to deceive the masses that they were in command of the Union from a ‘higher power’. They were able to convince these different orders to navigate throughout the US to make illegal claims and take control over major portions of the west.

While fueling the separatists with vengeance for the Spanish American Wars, the many wars with the Native Americans, and filling thousands with a craze for both the “Promised Land” and tales of endless amounts of gold and silver, their intention was to remove the entire Spanish and Native population from their homes and sacred lands, and relocate them to other areas, to secure and mine the richest claims in the country, like in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Dahlonegha, GA, and the Spanish and Apache Mines in AZ.

They also sent numerous families out to the west using the printing press as a tool to inspire the ‘Gold Rush’ in California, right after the passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1847, while their intention was to relieve the gold and silver mines of AZ of their stores, leading numerous out west to find small claims and meager earnings in CA, while using these stores of gold to build credit for their banking conspiracy under the guise of numerous leaders and diplomats, businessmen, and even members of Congress and the White House Cabinet.

Having been employed as a Confederate Soldier and traveling to both Santa Fe, and to New Orleans, Reavis became familiar with the coding and mapping techniques of the Spanish and the markings related to older Spanish codes, and with the historical facts of a codemaker named Beale of the previous Commanders of the times, who were involved in laying the roots of the Secessionist movements, information was passed along amongst fellow Confederate Soldiers as tales to pass the time and in training classes.

The name Beale used in the title of the Beale Papers originates from a Military Field Sargent who was the inventor of a 5 Disc wheel used to simplify the coding and deciphering of these military messages. Using these identities as covers for his post-Civil War affairs, Reavis was part of the operation to continue the secret order they were pledged to, under the strictest of terms, which were even listed word for word in military format in the Beale Papers. Reavis swore an oath to the death with these men to keep their secrets. Although terms in the Beale Papers can be used in a certain context of timeperiods of dialects and linguistic tastes in spelling, leading one to believe they were much older affairs, relating to the original Sargent Beale, who even later tried to form his own country called Texas, the obvious differences give clout to the fact that Reavis was involved in the future of this same plan. This is part of the hinting of the fact that these men were making the same push to form this secret agreement, and that the operation occurred at a certain timeperiod closer to the later 1880’s, when cattle were brought out to the areas to be raised in American ranches, not when New Spain was in control over the territories in the 1820-30’s.

There are even other Beale’s that are rumored to be involved in the affair, but were merely common names who were involved in early trading and expeditions to the areas in New Orleans, where Reavis was once stationed. Others have been loosely tied into the operation from the area in VA, but the fact is that there is no direct correlation to the Beale Papers or the Stones featuring their marks.

Reavis was known by the Federal Authorities investigating him afterwards as a fraudulent Real Estate Agent working in St Louis, MO area, who concocted the entire “Don Peralta” story, and planted faked charters and land claims in city clerks’ offices around the country, including crafting faked identities of Spanish Nobility, so that when others were cross-referencing his filed claims for authenticity purposes of issuing the new US Titles, he would seem to be in the legal standing to be the person to inherit the entire valley of Phoenix, and parts of the lands taken from the Apache in the Tonto National Forrest during the expulsions of the 1860’s.

Arranged all on behalf of his previous agreements with Confederates, he was subservient to a higher group that never revealed its identity, and commanded him with messages in his division of the KGC after the Civil War. He was able to make one trip to AZ to secure the old Peralta Ruins, and from the work in the old Spanish Stone Cross maps found there from 1791, he was able to track the locations of their mines and vaults there. After he returned to St. Louis, he finished the rest of these tales, and prepared to hire each of the 30 men himself, with a few that were not keen to the offered contract in their “Perilous Enterprise”.

As they mined out west, they first crafted the Map Stones to show their trail, then returned to VA to select a place for their troves, carving the area’s terrain into the stone in Latin, to make all of the stones appear as if they were old Spanish Miners who were doing the digging and were found dead with the stones nearby, slaughtered by the Apache. This was the Heart Stone to be placed inside of the Map Stones, and marked with the locations and terrain descriptions on one side of the stone, as they placed a single trove in VA. Gathering the White Granite from the ridge in VA to craft the Horse Stone for an additional map overview of the areas, they returned for their second leg of their three part journey. When they formed their second location in VA, and buried the trove there, the second letter was delivered to the office of Mr. Morris, who then had in his possession, the final coded map to the 2 areas, and the locality of the mines out west as described in the dates listed in the second letters. By reversing the movements on the US map to the focal point, one finds the “Locality of the Vault” they mined from to be located in AZ.

As they were searching for a way to show a whereabouts of the location to the person reading the Beale Papers, as Reavis feared the possibility of death or even arrest, they combined hints and direct cyphers into a storyline that could be published and sold to anyone in VA, in hopes of secretly alerting the families of these men and others in the area, ten years later, so they could continue their agendas using the amounts left behind for their next of kin. After reading the tale and finding the bodies, they were to begin a new phase of “driving the Indian out”, being inspired to continue to fight the ‘Savages’ with a cleverly crafted tale of their deceased children left for them to ponder. The Witch Stone can easily be seen as a reference to the invention of numerous superstitions to keep people clueless and the use of the Occult symbolism are easily misinterpreted while the viewer can be left in a state of shock and wonder, missing the actual point of their likeness to landscapes and features.

When looking from the point of view of the Beale Papers alone, you see they created a “Key” that was hidden as the word SINJ, formed by the capital letters of a sentence that described the key to finding a location, a “Direct Object” to look for when in the area, being the ridgeline in the distance and the keyhole shaped area found at the end of the 4 mile path, where you are to insert the Heart Stone into the Map Stone, to guide you to the final location via the english translations of the shapes they describe.

While seeing this in a clear path, Simpson was able to interpret some markings, as well as finding a series of boulders along the way that featured unique carvings, showing these direct objects spoken about in the Beale Papers, and the Key, formed in the shape of the areas’ surrounding treelines and rivers, complete with a few other terra-formed works thrown into grooves in the ground, cleared forests, and complete sculpted maps set into the ground . When they chose the areas, they crafted the trails as seen from the tops of ridges, and from previous maps made from the times, showing the exact likeness of the terra-formed rivers, ridges and valleys as described in the Latin Heart Stone.

The physical clue to show you the direction to find the Heart, can be located through the charting of the course taken from the mines, using the Stones and the decipherments that are printed in the letters, and if by chance the searcher was looking from the discovery of the box delivered to PA, by using the key by itself, combined with clues from singed holes and tears in the original document, one could locate the series of markers and chart through the areas to the final locations, but would have trouble locating the two final troves. A person located the very document known to be a part of the treasure, which featured these singed marks, and was later verified scientifically to be chemical of origin, and not from the ink of the document. This was a hole chemically singed into a specific copy of the Declaration of Independence, hidden in a box with an actual skeleton key, with a single lens from a set of antique glasses in a leather pouch. Inside of the box, a false bottom was made to house the DOI, the key and eyepiece. This was a symbolic coded system to hint to the finder to ‘see through’, to show the location revealed, as the DOI was laid over the map of the area near Bedford County, VA. The rest of the cypher leads you through the clues using mapping directions to find all points of reference to the 2 troves’ final resting places.

Although they were able to make two trips to VA to bury the plundered ore that was mined quickly during their brief monopoly, and they were able to pass along hidden maps and clues, these troves were never recovered until now, as the singed copy of the DOI was found in the late 1960’s at a Pennsylvania Flea Market, sold as a novelty and kept for years until a faded watermarked signature was noticed and the tears were further examined. The Peralta Stones were not found until the 1950’s, with numerous men losing their life searching blindly for these troves and mines in AZ, only to be scared off by the invention of the Confederates themselves, the Legend of the Apache Thunder God and the Black Hand, ‘protecting’ the mines.

The KGC were so worried about loosing their territorial mines and funding resources in the area, that they crafted numerous legends around the mines, reporting through military reports the deaths of many of their own men, who were actually killed in secret at the hands of their own members of the US Army.

One legend was the feared ‘Black Hand of the Apache’, which was created by the KGC from a symbol dating to the latin phrase Mano Negro, as a fear tactic, so that Spaniards and Mexicans would think it was the Jesuits guarding their mines, and so that white settlers would fear the Superstition of an unknown enemy of ‘Angry Savages’, which was never actually verified to exist. This was made to intimidate all who saw it and were close to their operations.

Through further research into the numerous affairs of the KGC and the Confederate Army in the Southwest, it became apparent that the agent in charge in St. Louis was none other than the above mentioned James Reavis. The final clue derived from the ciphers messenger, implicates the famous Jacob Walz (Waltz), as an accomplice of these men, as the acclaimed Agent that delivered the final segments of the Beale Letters, James B. Ward himself, the same ‘extremely tanned gentleman’ featured in tales in the Beale Papers who was obviously there in the Superstitions as a watcher and a guard of the knowledge.

It is well known that there was an extensive ‘Business Plot’, and a Black Hand, another name for the extortion rackets they formed to take over these lands. This by no means was a single person’s plot though, as Reavis was accompanied by a few other associates locally, who were known to hide a stash of magical ore and plated gold bars, without ever having filed a mine claim in the area. After seeing the levels of secrecy, the anonymity practiced, and the use of rotating shifts of men, Simpson was able to interpret these ciphers as a cover story, and completely document the movement of every stage of their illicit operation, including the murder of their 30 men.